TKE Consulting
Your Consultancy Partner in Service Provider, Telecom, ICT and High Tech.
Driven by Passion and Dedication; Propelled by Technological Challenges and Innovation.
Commited to go the Extra Mile to Meet and Exceed Targeted Results.


At TKE Consulting we believe there is a solution to every challenge, even if it doesn’t look like that from the conventional angle. Innovation , creativity , "out of the box" thinking and years of experience in the industry is where we make the difference ! Combine that with our 'hands-on' and 'no-quit' mentality, and you know why our customers count on us !




    Areas of Expertise

TKE Consulting is firmly rooted in the International Broadcast, Media, and Telecommunications Industry and has been involved in the Key Technology Evolutions in that space for the last decades. This has allowed us to build a Broad Expertise covering not only the wide range of (Digital) Video/Media Technologies (incl. but not limited to Processing and Compression, Multicast, Streaming & CDN, EdgeQAM & CCAP, Conditional Access & DRM, Cloud Based TV and OTT, HFC & Docsis, etc...) but also Networking, Datacenter & (Cloud) Computing and Programming.
TKE Consulting can be your partner for all your Implementation and Pre-Sales Projects, providing End-to-End Consultancy, Design/Architecting work, Project Engineering, etc... but also other more 'Business related' tasks as in Sales Engineering, Product Management, etc...

TKE Consulting
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